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Personalised dance classes 
in Birmingham 

Want to learn jazz or ballet? Come to Excels Dance Academy for detailed information about our dance classes and how you can join them. 

Adult classes in tap, ballet and modern jazz 

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, Excels Dance Academy can identify your real potential as a dancer and guide you in the right direction. We provide personalised training and  organise classes to ensure that everyone gets individual attention. We also offer adult classes in various forms of dance such as tap, ballet and jazz. 
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Ballet dance 

If you are passionate about dancing and also want to get into shape, then ballet is the most suitable form of dance for you. It improves flexibility and allows you to tell a story through movement and various postures. In fact, ballet also focuses on breathing techniques which help a lot in maintaining good health. At Excels Dance Academy, you’ll learn this form of dance from our professionals.  

Dancing timetable
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Tap dance 

A vibrant and artistic way of expressing various emotions is tap dancing. In this form of dance, you’ll wear special shoes and tap the floor in a rhythm. The sound is made by the shoes which have metal 'taps'  on the heels and toes.  There are various types of shoes that differ in the way they sound. As your course starts progressing, you will learn the differences in various types of sound that can be used to express different emotions. 
modern dance

Modern dance 

As this form of dance developed in 20th century when classical ballet was already popular, it was named 'modern dance'. This type of dance helps you use your interpretations and feelings to tell a story. You can follow various types of steps according to the requirements of the show or event. Our experienced staff will help you hone your dancing skills after observing your unique style, flexibility and ability to express your emotions. 
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